Minimise Lag and Maximise Wins: Choosing the Right Gaming Router for Your Home

Minimise Lag and Maximise Wins: Choosing the Right Gaming Router for Your Home

In particular, hardware providers are turning their focus to creating dedicated gaming routers designed to give the best possible streaming speeds for an edge over your opponents.

So, why do you need a specialised gaming router? No matter the game, your broadband connection is fundamental to your success. Experiencing a high ping or latency can ruin your chances of success if you’re playing against someone with faster broadband speeds. It’s also important to note that gaming routers also offer excellent capabilities for streaming and smart home connectivity. This means that you can get the most out of your broadband, even if you’re sharing with roommates or family on the same network.

One of the main features to combat latency is Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) which allows several users to access the network simultaneously without slowing your connection. This form of data streaming delivers information to MU-MIMO-compatible clients simultaneously rather than sequentially. Another useful feature is beamforming, this enables the router to circumvent a broad-spectrum transfer and send data to users directly.  

In terms of unique features, we are particularly impressed by the new DumaOS dashboard offered exclusively by Netgear. The dashboard is fully customisable with Geo-Filter, Network Monitoring, Device Management and Quality of Service panels. The Device Manager allows you to see who is using how much of your bandwidth and make adjustments on the fly. Dial back, enhance, block any device on your home network, even those bandwidth vampires like streaming devices and voice operated home products. Distance is the main reason you lag, by blocking servers and players far away from your home, you can get the best connection for your game.  

Using the Nighthawk’s Anti-Buffer Bloat (ABB) and dual-core processor capabilities to sort through your networking and prioritise traffic, you can minimise lag and maximise wins. The System Information allows you to view statistics for CPU, RAM, and flash memory usage, as well as installed apps and the number of resources they are using. This dashboard offers an unprecedented level of control over your bandwidth, allowing you to streamline every factor for your unique requirements.

“As multiplayer online games grow in popularity, it’s known that latency kills. Netgear’s award-winning line of Pro Gaming routers, including the XR300XR500 and the XR700, emerged very naturally as a response to the needs of the gaming community who already favoured the Nighthawk routers,” says Tobie van Schalkwyk, Business Development Manager at Duxbury Networking, the SA Netgear distributor.

The Nighthawk range offers a rich set of features which ensure a gaming experience unmatched by any other Wi-Fi router, while simultaneously delivering high-performance internet speeds for the entire home. These specialised routers leverage a purpose-built and customisable gaming dashboard powered by DumaOS as well as features like geo-filter, ping assist, gaming prioritization, and more for an enhanced online gaming experience. The Nighthawk Pro Gaming range is known for delivering the very best in gaming performance. Lag spikes, dropouts, high ping, and unstable connections are a thing of the past.