Duxbury UPS


In a move to cope with South Africa’s on-going electricity crisis, Duxbury Networking has launched its Duxbury UPS offering. The company recognises that standby power and dependable emergency power solutions are imperative today if companies are to maintain uptime and profitability targets. 

Duxbury focuses on the provision, support and maintenance of uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs) for backup power. Its range of UPS solutions is designed to provide answers to users’ emergency power supply questions, no matter what size their operation or the nature of their backup requirements. 

Duxbury supplies, installs and maintains tailor-made Duxbury UPS systems, inverters, voltage stabiliser and surge protection solutions, at the same time providing industry-leading advice to assist users in making the most appropriate choices when it comes to a suitable solution.

Duxbury UPS’ goal is to provide customers with home, office or server application needs with 100% power continuity.