As a leading security and VoIP enabling-technologies provider, Synway has partnered with applications and solution providers worldwide to deliver turnkey solutions for enterprises, telecom carriers, intelligence, public security and law enforcement.

In today’s ever-changing environments, Synway delivers a complete range of supreme solutions, including VoIP gateway, SBC, IP-PBX, call recording, multimedia processing and signalling, mobile catcher and localisation systems. A leading player in the multimedia communications market, Synway offers the capability to rapidly and economically deploy value-added multimedia and signalling technology solutions.

Synway partners with service providers to explore rapid, cost-efficient and high-accessibility delivery of value-added services.
Synway offers an array of open-standard IP a TDM compliant hardware and software components, including versatile and field-proven multimedia gateways, integrated multimedia switch and built-in signalling protocols. These products are perfect for building scalable, robust service (voice/data/video) platforms, which include unified messaging, WAP, CRBT, SMS and other innovative value-added services in complex networks.