Through its corps of accredited resellers and dealers, Duxbury Networking delivers innovative enterprise solutions, employing advanced technologies, to assist its customers.

As an acknowledged value-added distributor, Duxbury Networking is geared help build new, strong infrastructures in which inventive network connectivity is key to meeting today’s business goals to achieve more, improve productivity and enhance security.

In this light, Duxbury’s network storage technologies are central to achieving targets associated with the needs of burgeoning data repositories containing high-resolution images, real-time video streams and the like.

Duxbury Networking is also at the forefront of developments in the network switching arena, where its close associations with the world’s leading vendors ensure that the latest, most innovative devices are always available.

Network security is a key focus area with a range of up-to-the-minute solutions on offer to protect against unauthorised network access and misuse while guarding against costly malfunctions and malicious hacking attempts.

The Duxbury portfolio includes leading technology-based offerings in the fields of IP
surveillance, underlining the importance of physical security, and IP telephony where contemporary systems are created using VoIP standards to underpin advanced call routing, voice mail, contact centre and other solutions.

Mindful of the rapid migration to wireless technologies, Duxbury specialises in the development of modern, new-technology Wi-Fi systems for a wide range of applications.

Keeping pace with the need for businesses to function efficiently despite grid power disruptions, Duxbury Networking offers a line-up of UPS systems to meet all needs.