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Connecting the modern, distributed enterprise doesn’t need to be slow, complex, or expensive. Ananda is rebuilding the network from the ground up. We allow organizations to deploy their own private, secure, high-performance networks in a matter of minutes, connecting remote users, branches, devices and applications anywhere — as if they are on a LAN!

Ananda's patent-pending distributed, multi-cloud network fabric offers the fastest network performance, lowest latency, and tightest zero-trust security. Delivered as a 100%-software based solution, it makes it unnecessary to deploy costly and complex hardware such as VPNs, firewalls, SD-WAN or MPLS.


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Ananda achieves the highest network performance and superior link quality. While centralized systems such as firewalls, VPNs, SD-WAN, and other SASE solutions backhaul traffic or force it through their own, finite number of data centers, Ananda is using a distributed architecture. Ananda’s distributed fabric allows organizations to build their own networks that connect any two nodes directly and at higher speeds, without any traffic backhaul and without entrusting their traffic to a third party.

Ananda also leverages machine learning to determine the optimal path between any two nodes, and when advantageous it routes traffic through Nitro(TM) relays across hundreds of different locations around the world to achieve up to 25x faster connections and higher quality links with lower latency and jitter.


Ananda implements tight security controls over all communications going over the network. It starts from the moment a user initiates a connection, requiring the user authenticate. Unless explicitly allowed, Ananda uses a zero-trust model blocking the connection and eliminating any attack surface. To make a connection, the parties are also required to meet contextual access rules, such as geo-location, time of day, or device posture.

Once a connection is initiated, it is encrypted end-to-end between any two nodes on the Ananda private network, and does not need to go through Ananda or get decrypted. When going out to the WAN, Ananda can run additional security services to inspect the traffic. Finally, the connection is logged and centrally monitored.


Ananda is cloud-managed and does not require the installation of complex and costly hardware appliances, or sending  traffic through its infrastructure. Organizations can deploy Ananda agents across user devices and servers, or set up Ananda gateway software on any virtual of physical appliance.

Since Ananda can be implemented in minutes and works with commodity hardware and without impacting the entire enterprise network, it can provide up to 90% savings compared to legacy solutions.

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