BridgeWave Communications is the leading supplier of high-capacity MultiGigabit Ethernet outdoor wireless connectivity solutions. The company's point-to-point and fixed wireless solutions are ideally suited to a wide variety of enterprise, service provider, healthcare, education, government and military network applications.

With more than 30,000 systems deployed in over 60 countries, the company’s innovative solutions are relied upon and trusted by customers across the globe and in South Africa to enable reliable and secure, high-capacity and Gigabit connectivity while reducing operating costs relative to fibre and other land-based alternatives.

BridgeWave products make use of the licensed microwave radio spectrum in the 6 to 38 GHz range as well as the millimetre wave radio spectrum in the 60 to 80 GHz range, enabling cost-effective multi-protocol SONET/SDH and Gigabit Ethernet wireless connectivity.

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