Duxbury Training Academy

Professional, comprehensive hands-on technology training from the Duxbury Training Academy is designed to equip you with the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to keep ahead in our ever-changing technological world.

High quality, content-rich courses are presented by certified, skilled trainers with industry leading (ITA) accreditation. Equipped with an extensive knowledge of new technologies, the latest product offerings and emerging trends, they provide informative training sessions, giving attendees opportunities to gain a wealth of practical knowledge and experience.

In addition to innovative, tailored courses designed to suit specific needs, the Duxbury Training Academy offers the following instructor-led courses:

  • Basic Networking training introduces students to the principles of networking, providing a solid foundation for rapid career advancement. 
  • The Advanced Networking course is geared to expand students’ knowledge, empowering them with valuable additional skills and proficiencies needed in today’s fast-paced networking arena. 
  • The Advanced Networking Engineer course, with a focus on practical switching, is a natural progression for the serious student keen to advance. 
  • Wireless Networking training presents students with the fundamentals needed to master this increasing pervasive technology. 
  • Netgear Sales training is highly recommended for network administrators, pre-sales engineers, sales staff, business consultants and industry professionals who will gain significant benefits from this all-encompassing course. 
  • The Introduction to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) course gives attendees a grounding in the rudiments of this essential technology, ultimately enabling them to assist with the design of realistic, practical end-user solutions. 

In addition, the Duxbury Training Academy presents a number of industry-leading certified accreditation courses including Comptia A+, Comptia N+ and Comptia S+ as well as D-Link DCNE, DCNW, DCWE and DCNA.

Netgear Sales

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